R & D testing

Only pencil lead factory in China with professional laboratory and 

full set of pencil lead testing equipments.

Our research and development testing laboratory was established in 2016, 

which is a joint laboratory of universities in Harbin, 

focusing on developing and testing of high quality drawing stationery materials. 

pencil lead

There are 3 postgraduates and 3 undergraduates, and regularly employ 

domestic and foreign experts for technical guidance. 


 We bring in advanced international testing equipment to 

fully meet the test requirement,such as American ASTM F963, 

European Union's new  EN71-1 ~ 11,and so on. I

pencil lead

 In future we will purchase the world’s inspecting equipment, 

learning advanced detecting technology, developing the new product 

development ideas, training professional R&D personnels,

 to reach world level and keep pace with the times.

pencil lead